The O.C.D. Wallet

Justin Klosky created the O.C.D. Wallet in 2014 with the vision of designing a simple solution that enables individuals to stay organized – a slim and efficient system that won’t bulk up the pocket. 

“I initially created this wallet for myself - I needed a wallet that would work the way I wanted it to. After seeing how much it helped me, alongside friends asking me where they could get their own, I decided to bring my idea to market.” 

The O.C.D. wallet takes pride in being slim, streamlined, and secure.

Created with genuine leather, a matte black money clip, and a sleek carbon fiber strip, the O.C.D. Wallet is the solution to a wallet that is sexy and slim. 

With enough space for 18 bills, 6 credit cards, 6 business cards, a receipt pocket and an ID slot, you won’t have to pick and choose what goes in your wallet. 

The O.C.D. Wallet’s built-in RFID lining secures the information on your credit cards and IDs – or anything else with an RFID chip on it. The wallet’s unique technology prevents criminals from being able to scan and copy your personal data.

red o.c.d. slimfold wallet with rfid technology
lock depicting rfid technology

What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Protection?

Most credit cards and IDs today have RFID chips in them – a system that allows customers to easily use their cards by holding it near a card reader. However, many criminals have taken advantage of this new technology and have found ways to access the data in your wallet by using RFID scanners near unsuspecting individuals.

The O.C.D. Wallet was created to combat this potential security threat and keep your data safe. The wallet’s RFID lining prevents any unwanted party from scanning, copying, or corrupting the RFID enabled cards in your wallet.  

The O.C.D. Wallet System

O.C.D. Wallet Founder Justin Klosky didn’t just create an ordinary wallet. Every slot, pocket, and clip in the wallet has a purpose.
Though you can use the wallet however you like, below is Justin’s system on how the wallet best works for him.

rfid wallet inside functionality
rfid wallet outside functionality


"I love this wallet! It doesn't just help with having cards, cash, license, organized in their proper slots, but it helps you slim down your wallet. Wow! What a great concept!"

- Phil Berman, Full Time Chocolatier CBS News

"The O.C.D. Wallet is a 5-star product. This wallet has exceeded my expectations in comfort, convenience, and security. Electronic pick-pocketing is no longer a concern."

- Bob Gray, Entrepreneur, Father

"I purchased one for myself and my husband - he had this old wallet that had a money clip, but it looked so chunky! I knew that purchasing him the O.C.D. Wallet was a great idea - and I was right. I highly recommend the O.C.D. Wallet and can’t wait to see what future products to come out."

- Manouschka Guerrier, Chef, Host

"You know a wallet is great when you've never lost it!"

- Jaleel White, Actor, Writer, Father

"The O.C.D. Wallet has made my life so much easier. My old wallet was filled with unnecessary receipts and gosh knows what else - The O.C.D. Wallet has enabled me to stay organized whilst simultaneously actively preventing me from hoarding old receipts. The RFID protection feature is a bonus! I highly recommend the wallet to everyone and anyone!"

- David Moses

"I went to the O.C.D. wallet in 2015, and haven't looked back. One of the easiest and most effective weight-loss programs on the market today. I was surprised and delighted with the change. If it ever wears out, I'll definitely buy another one."

- Michael Lane