O.C.D RFID-Blocking Slimfold Wallet

O.C.D. Wallet x O.C.D. Experience

Introducing the newly designed O.C.D. Wallet – a sexy, slim, and sleek wallet that won’t bulk up your pocket.

Created with radio-frequency identification protection (RFID) lining to defend against the scanning and corruption of IDs and credit cards, the O.C.D. Wallet is made of the highest quality materials and dares to challenge the idea of the traditional wallet. 

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Pocket space is a premium. With a 0.5” depth, the O.C.D. Wallet’s slim design prevents it from taking up additional room in pockets, bags, or any other small space – a solution to bulkiness without compromising the cards you need.


Throw it in the wallet. The O.C.D. Wallet is equipped with a money clip that can hold up to 18 bills plus a pocket for receipts, tickets, and checks – not to mention space for 6 credit cards, 6 business cards, and a designated ID slot.


Theft no more. Our RFID lining securely protects your data from being scanned or corrupted while in the O.C.D. Wallet – the chip blocks radio frequencies embedded in your credit cards and IDs from being tampered with.